Kelly Greene Halbrook

Mortgage Professional

Kelly has been a professional with Platte River Mortgage since its inception in 2005 and has been originating mortgages since 2000.

Kelly is an invaluable member of the Platte River team, contributing her experience and expertise to both serve her clients’ mortgage financing needs and support other members of the team. The attributes that distinguish and define her approach to the mortgage business include:

Professional, Compassionate Listener: Every transaction begins with a conversation! Each client’s situation is unique, and no one fits into a single mortgage “box.” She works hard to help her clients meet their goals, finding the best mortgage financing solution and always working to address any possible concerns.

Knowledge and Experience: After originating hundreds of loans, Kelly has learned something different with each one. Her years as a loan originator and her previous experience with a Title Company have given her a substantial, continuously expanding knowledge base that is essential to avoiding surprises as we progress through the mortgage approval process. This experience also allows her to provide valuable and reliable pre-qualification insight and helps her to negotiate many of the closing details to ensure closing timeline are never compromised.

Attention to Detail: Attentive, focused review and the ability to anticipate underwriters’ questions allow Kelly to address issues before they become stressful, removing potential ‘speed bumps’ that could jeopardize the transaction. By focusing early and addressing small items before they become big issues, Kelly delivers a client experience that is seamless and relaxed!

Considerate and Timely Follow-Up: When working with Kelly there is no need to wonder as to the status of the pre-approval or transaction. She strives to get information to her clients before they think to ask for it!

Collaborative: Kelly works closely with the team at Platte River Mortgage to stay on top of industry changes and opportunities for her clients. In a transaction setting, she regularly touches all parties involved in the mortgage transaction: realtors, title company staff, appraisers, insurance professionals, and many others. It does “take a village” and collaboration and communication are key to her success!

Away from the mortgage business, Kelly loves seeking adventure, whether hiking at home in Colorado, trekking in Nepal or motorcycling the coast of Croatia.


Phone: 303-433-9900
Fax: 303-433-9906

Phone: 303-433-9900
Fax: 303-433-9906