Lori Berry

Mortgage Professional

Lori is an experienced lending professional who came to Platte River Mortgage in 2017 and has been helping her clients with their mortgage financing needs since 2012.

Lori’s focus is always on structuring the perfect mortgage for each individual client. She truly enjoys helping her clients meet their financial goals by optimizing and customizing their real estate financing. Whether they are refinancing their existing home or purchasing a new home, Lori’s goal is to make her client’s transaction stress free. She works proactively to identify and address any potential issues with the transaction before they become problems. She strives to keep everyone involved with the transaction well informed from application to closing, and to explain all details of the financing to her clients so they feel completely comfortable with the process.

Prior to joining the team at Platte River Mortgage Lori was a branch manager at Loan Simple. She has a background in real estate investment with a focus on single family rental homes.

Lori Berry 2

“Lori watches out for your client like a hawk, without ever losing sight of the objective. I was amazed at how in tune Lori is with the industry, the programs available, AND my client’s needs. Lori makes all my transactions with her stress free and closes on time every time in person. She provides amazing communication with ALL parties involved, to me, that is key! You cannot go wrong working with Lori.”


Lori Berry 1

“Lori is amazing; I know that when my clients are working with her that they are in the best hands. She is proactive every step of the way. Seeing issues ahead and figuring out the best course of action to avoid delays and always has the client’s best interest at heart. She has a cheerful personality that makes her a delight to work with. I always look forward to transactions when Lori is part of the team.”


Phone: 303-433-9900
Fax: 303-433-9906

Phone: 303-433-9900
Fax: 303-433-9906